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MLM Desktop offers through MLM Software Central Inspetta's DB44 Software as a full business packedge solution. Contact us at 888-221-0106 or by email at's DB44 is a proven and reliable software solution designed especially for the unique demands of today's Multilevel Marketing companies. Inspetta's DB44 "thrashes" through hundreds of thousands of records at speeds NEVER seen in the multilevel industry before.


MLM Software Central

Whether you require real-time Internet Software, International, Multi-Currency, Multi-Warehouse Software, Source Code on your servers, Distributor Tools, Training Systems or Marketing Systems we can provide it for you.One of the most challenging aspects of managing a multilevel marketing company is software. Software not only includes the system itself, but the most importantly the willingness of the development company to support you the client.


EBusiness Card Site

EBusiness cards are a new and exciting way to promote large or small amounts of information about your company’s services or products, by using photo’s, videos, web sites and most forms of multi media. EBusiness cards can be used as a single marketing tool or by utilizing it along with other marketing materials


EZ Sales Links 

Ezsaleslinks is a link page with topics to choose from like Apparel & Accessories or Business to Business you will find a multitude of direct links to all kinds of products and services whether you are looking for computer software or money and employment you will find what you are looking for on an ezsaleslinks page.


List My MLM

List My MLM is an mlm company directory that will list all of the mlm 4 sale companies and a list of other mlm companies.


Hyper MLM



IPromotions is another way of promoting your corporate website to gain more on line visibility for your corporate site. More visibility means more traffic, more traffic means more $$$$ generated by using this powerful tool to a corporations advantage only makes good business sense.


8 Step Pattern For Success



MLM Toy Box




MLM SEO Promote

Grind SEO

Grind SEO is a hard core and unique way to look into the tools and techniques associated with corporate web site promotion, this hard and fast approach will grind the bare bones of web promotion and web site visibility.


MLM Grind


Liquid Promote

Liquid promote is a fast paced on the fly method of staying up with the need to make spur of the moment changes to update your company web site or company needs. The term liquid simply means that anything and everything can change at a given moment.




MLM Blogs


Linear Compensation Plan Blog
Linear plans are fixed width. Strictly from a structural standpoint, linear compensation plans can be viewed as “1 wide” fixed width matrices. In other words, all distributors are stacked one on top of the other in a straight line. These plans were quite prevalent at the turn of the millennium. Conceptualize the linear plan as a giant tube. Each new distributor/ sale inserted into the bottom of the tube moves all those in the tube up one position and pushes the top distributor out of the top. The distributor pushed out the top then receives a commission and has the option to reenter at the bottom.
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Compensation Plan Primer Blog
A compensation plan is a vehicle by which an MLM company rewards its distributors for selling the company’s products and services. In general business terms, some companies hire employees and pay them a fixed wage while other individuals may work for a company on contract. MLM distributors are not employees of the company they are affiliated with, they are independent agent contractors. A compensation plan is the stated means by which the distributors will be rewarded for their efforts with the company. The term “multilevel marketing” (MLM) in and of itself describes the nature of each compensation plan. The MLM compensation plan pays its distributors on multiple levels of sales activity; i.e. on more sales than just those that a distributor his or herself is responsible for making. In summary, the key thing to keep in mind when speaking of an mlm compensation plan is that it is intended to reward a company’s distributors on the sales efforts of multiple levels of sales people.
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Matrix Compensation Blog
The Matrix plan usually pays monthly. These plans sometimes incorporate daily “fast start” bonuses. At first glance, matrix earnings can appear lucrative; however, one must build an entire matrix in order to earn these amounts. Because the greatest amount of income is usually derived from the last three levels, these earnings are not obtainable by most network marketers. Width placement limits are generally from two to five, and depth is limited from five to twelve. The allure of the matrix pay plan has always been the “spillover”.
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Binary Compensation Blog
The binary compensation structure is basically an unlimited depth, two-wide matrix. You can place only two people in your first level. Everyone else goes beneath those people. Binary commissions are earned by accumulating a specified amount of sales volume. This sales volume may accumulate over an unlimited period of time. There is no depth limit in the binary plan. Every sale will accumulate toward a specified amount of sales volume requirement. The number of levels between you and a given recruit is not important. The factor determining whether you get a commission from that person is not what level he/she is on, but rather how much commissionable sales volume is generated in the levels between you and that person.

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Break Away Compensation Plan
Breakaway (also known as Group Volume Breakaway)  At its essence, a Breakaway plan is a Unilevel (unlimited width) that utilizes a specific set of bonuses. Because of the popularity and recognition of the term Breakaway, it is included as its own plan type here. Breakaway are characterized by the notion that when a Downline salesperson reaches a certain level of achievement, that person, and those below him/her, breaks away from your primary sales team. You continue to receive commissions as usual on your primary sales team; however you then also receive overrides on the team that has broken away.

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Australian Compensation Plan Blog
Australian plans are unlimited width in nature. The primary identifying characteristic of Australian compensation plans is their pass up component. Often times you will hear an Australian referred to as a “2 Up”, “3 Up”, etc. plan. The given number refers to the number of pass ups that will occur. For instance, in a two up pay plan, your first two personally sponsored would be passed Upline to your enrolling sponsor. Your sponsor would then be the primary beneficiary from the sales efforts of the passed up people. Those beyond your second personally sponsored – your third, fourth, fifth, etc. personally sponsored – would pass their first two up to you. As an example, income center B personally sponsors centers C and D. C and D will be passed up to B’s sponsor, A. B then sponsors E. B will retain E and not pass E up. E then sponsors F and G. Both F and G will be passed to B. This relationship continues on through sponsorship lineage. Not only will F and G be passed to B, F and G’s first two personally sponsored will also be passed to B, as will their first two personally sponsored and so forth and so on. Any other number of bonuses can be added onto the basic Australian structure.

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MultiLevel Marketing Free Trial Software Blog
When you use our Inspetta's DB44 Enterprise System to manage your network marketing company, you will receive many millions of dollars in value month after month for as little as $2,500 set-up and just US$499.00 per month. You couldn't even employ just one developer for US$499.00 per month, yet with Inspetta's DB44 Enterprise System you are backed by a team of full time employees.
Some of the benefits of Inspetta's DB44 Enterprise System are: Millions of dollars invested in software and development since 1987 Over US$1,000,000.00 reinvested annually in labor Over US$200,000 dollars worth of hardware (E.g. Servers, Fire walls, etc.) Hosting of service in a secure, level 3 collocation data facility. Your data being handled according to payment industry security standards ("PCI").

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FREE MLM Trial Software Blog
Who Should You Trust Your Future To? When you use our Inspetta's DB44 Enterprise System to manage your network marketing company, you will receive many millions of dollars in value month after month for as little as $2,500 set-up and just US$499.00 per month.  You couldn't even employ just one developer for US$499.00 per month, yet with Inspetta's DB44 Enterprise System you are backed by a team of full time employees.

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Consulting MLM Comp Plans Blog
We will provide you with a complete understanding of the multilevel business cycle - not just an isolated segment or one dimensional view of it. The holistic approach to analysis, planning and problem solving provided by the consulting team will provide you with the results needed to build your success story.

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Consulting 4 MLM Plans Blog
The "Initial Consultation" includes a full day of face-to-face review and discussion of your project.  As The meeting can be held either at your office or at our office in Florida. We will personally analyze your corporate development plans and product strengths, weaknesses and other areas of importance that should be considered when opening your new Company. A general idea of the "concept"' "style" and "look" of the company is established and used by the graphics arts department when developing custom art and illustration used throughout the project. Choose this option in order to establish a "comfort level" with us before moving on to a more elaborate package.  We would like you to meet and establish a personal relationship with the team of professionals that are going to make your ideas a reality.
Contact us or by calling at: +1-888-221-0106

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MultiLevel Marketing Consulting Blog
This option was designed for the company that has an idea, a product or service, but has not yet determined how they want to structure their distributor compensation plan, company literature, marketing tools or what type of image they want to project. This package is designed for those who see the benefit of having their image and marketing plan sculpted by top industry professionals. The "Complete Start-Up Package" includes an in-depth company review with recommendations and consultation on all aspects of the company - from operations to field promotion, prelaunch, fast-start and distributor training programs. The "Complete Start-up Package" includes the formulation of a "Distributor Compensation Plan" customized to fit your budget, appropriate product or service pricing. The Compensation Plan will include suggested titles, qualifications, benefits and bonus percentages.

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